2011. március 22., kedd

What to do, if you cannot connect your Nokia Phone to your PC?

Have you spent countless hours trying to connect your Nokia phone to Nokia PC Suite or Ovi suite, getting errors when Windows is trying to install all the different drivers.

This solution worked for me from Nokia Support Forums:
  1. First insure you either have Windows Media Player 10 or 11 installed
  2. Download Microsoft Media Transfer Protocol Porting Kit from: Here 
  3. Once downloaded and opened the files should extract to by default C:\WMSDK. If so navigate your self to C:\WMSDK\MTPPK12\Tools\DirectMTP and extract the zip file relevant to which version of Windows Media Player you have installed and your operating system.
  4. Once extracted navigate through the unzipped directory 2 folders in (they repeat the original name of the extracted folder.
  5. Once among list of files you shall find a file named mtpinfup.exe double click it and a command prompt window should appear briefly then disappear.
  6. Right click my computer, click manage, then select device manager and select the MTP device that is still unknown; right click it, select update driver OR: disconnect, wait and then reconnect your phone.
  7. Allow it to automatically scan for the drivers and install them correctly this time.

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