2015. június 28., vasárnap

Change Drive Letter and Paths greyed out? (Windows 7)

If you use Backblaze cloud backup it can be utterly frustrating that disconnecting and reconnecting USB drives can change their drive letters, and Backblaze has no method of cleverly "following"them.

Even more frustrating, that they do not provide a knowledge base article how to fix it (change it back).

But the worst thing happens, when for some reason you cannot do it right clicking your computer, then "Manage" then "Disk Management", then right clicking the Volume (not the disk!) with the improper drive letter: for one out of my three USB HDDs that option is greyed out!

Let's cut to the chase: i found the solution on this forum:
1. Open a command prompt.
2. Type in diskpart.
3. Type list disk to see a list of disks.
4. Type select disk #  (where # is the disk you want).
5. Type list volume to see partitions.
6. Type select volume #  (where # is the volume you want).
7. Type assign letter=x  (where x is the drive letter).

Using a command line and diskpart just worked for me! YMMW!

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