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Stop Microsoft CRM making your life miserable!

I have been annoyed beyond words by how bad is the Dynamics CRM 2015 Client built by Microsoft for their own Outlook application. I went through quite a bit of research, fiddling, trial and error, and these things seemed to help a bit.

Funny bit is that the CRM web interface seems to work faster now in Firefox and Chrome than in IE and Outlook. :) (Outlook also mostly loads CRM pages into Outlook windows.)

Hope they will help you too!

N.b.: yes, I am writing this after installing the latest 1.1 Update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 for Outlook and problems still presisting: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3072333.

Script errors

If messages like this stop you regularly annoy the hell out of you:

..and render pages like "Edit Opportunity" unusable:
  1. Exit all programs;
  2. empty your %TEMP% folder;
  3.  flush your DNS cache and Internet Explorer cache as described here: http://www.dynamicscrmpros.com/clearing-microsoft-dynamics-crm-common-script-error/

Getting around the problem

If you are till getting the script errors, but do not want to resort to using browsers, you can also set Ribbon: View / reading pane to Right, then you can see almost all Opportunity data on the right without opeing the item and triggering all the script errors.
You can also add notes and other stuff without opening it: Ribbon:Add / Note etc.

Obviously it would be best if MS just fixed this, but I got tired waiting for that in the past few years using the Alpha quality software they put into GA... :(

Annoying Tracking windows blocking you

If your hands are tied for tens of seconds almost every minute by these windows (which will happily block applications other than Outlook as well):

1) Go to Windows search bar, type CRM, and select Diagnostics (same CRM icon though).

2) Make sure the following are checked under Synchronization Troubleshooting

Then go to the Advanced Troubleshooting and Delete temps  then Enable crm outlook addons

Finally Restart outlook a and sync a few times.

Even less tracking

Open an email, that is tracked by CRM, then select Options form the bottom CRM pane:
This dialog should open:
And disallow your software to send email and check your inbox (first two checkboxes).

Additional sources I used

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