2016. május 30., hétfő

How to make BackBlaze faster?

I was struggling a lot to make uploads of BackBlaze complete faster. An have discovered an issue under Windows 10 (might be relevant on earlier versions as well) while the system is was heavy load: a process called MsMpEng.exe was using of a lot of disk and CPU: Windows Defender checking everything mindlessly.
I had added exclusions even for itself, and this made the system a lot more responsive and performant!

Process exclusions

I tried to add only processes which only read files, big files, or lots of them, but are not used to put new files onto the system (as opposed to e.g. totalcmd.exe)
I added these exclusions:
  • 7zG.exe
  • bztransmit64.exe
  • bztrans_thread00.exe
  • bztrans_thread01.exe
  • bztrans_thread02.exe
  • bztrans_thread03.exe
  • bztrans_thread04.exe
  • bztrans_thread05.exe
  • bztrans_thread06.exe
  • bztrans_thread07.exe
  • bztrans_thread08.exe
  • bztrans_thread09.exe
  • dwm.exe
  • deluge.exe
  • google photo backup.exe
  • kodi.exe
  • msmpeng.exe
  • perfmon.exe
  • searchfilterhost.exe
  • searchindexer.exe
  • searchprotocolhost.exe

File type exclusions

Mostly large, non-executable media files:
  • avi
  • jpeg
  • jpg
  • mkv
  • mp3
  • mp4
  • mpeg
  • mpg
  • orf
  • ts

Location exclusions

  • C:\Program  Files\Windows Defender
  • ... 

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